Saturday, February 18, 2012


I know I'm bored when I post this consistently. But this time I really couldn't help it-- I needed to post something about the bright, springtime colors that I've pretty much been obsessed with as of late. I'm especially excited about minty greens, punchy peaches, and bright purples. Paired with shiny gold and silver metallics, the colors just look so cheery!
Hopefully I'll soon be able to post some pictures of the bracelets that I've been working on. They're definitely bright and totally summery. Stacked up my wrist with my over-sized watch fun tangerine nails, they give an added "oomph" to my outfits. 
All I need to do now to get ready for spring is get my legs in short-shorts shape. LET'S DO IT.

Images via tumblr.

by Sam

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pretty Please

I haven't been shopping in TWO WHOLE MONTHS. I think I deserve a little retail therapy during this long  President's Day weekend, especially after a long week of midterms (ok, I had one midterm, but still). 
Lately I've been loving pleated faux leather skirts and chunky wrap bracelets, and I absolutely adore these Karen Walker sunnies. They're expensive, but since I lost my Ray-Bans (*sob*) I'm thinking they'd be an excellent Spring/Summer investment. 

So far my weekend plans include a nice leisurely run, some pretentious latte sipping at a new brunch spot, and plenty of shopping. Can't wait!

by Sam

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Insta-Sam: Week of 2/12

1. & 2. Ahhh, SoCal winters.
3. Shenanigans in Nordstrom
4. I miss getting paid for making desserts that look this good. All I get now is a bunch of students in the dining halls asking how I made my fro-yo so pretty.
5. Early dinner at Pizza Antica in Santa Monica.
6. Slouchin'

At this very moment, I've decided that blogging and stalking other bloggers who were able to attend NYFW is much more important than studying for my Italian midterm (which is happening in T Minus 2.5 hours). 
Thankfully midterms are over after today, which means I can watch the UCLA vs. USC game in peace.

by Sam