Tuesday, December 10, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Oh my goodness. Florence reincarnated as Adele Bloch Bauer of the famed Gustav Klimt portrait?!

My favorite artist, one of my favorite bands-- too good, my friends, too good.

Off to fail my final! (Art History, ironically.)



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Designer Logos

Artist Mike Frederiqo totally put a spin on the concept of "designer logos" and I think it's just great.

First of all, puns. (Get it, designer logos? I'm letting Anna Wintour slide in this case, because she's Anna Wintour.)

Second, I'm a huge fan of any kind of well-done satire, and applaud Mike's creative genius for maintaining the integrity of the people depicted.

In other news, Mike also has a SPONGEBOB collection, featuring our favorite porous sea-creature recreated as designers. So that happened.

Anyway, hope Wednesday is treating everyone well! I know it's doing me right! (I'm just a TAD hyper right now, does it show?)



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Textures

Fall Textures

I've been lovin' the monochromatic looks for Fall, especially a good head-to-toe black look with various textures.

As I get ready to pick out some new ASOS goodies soon, I'll be looking for deep reds, olives, grays, and, of course, blacks, in the following textures:

1. Suede: love me some good suede. Excuse me while I spend the rest of the day petting my shirt.
2. Quilting: probably my favorite of Fall's emerging texture trends. It's just subtle enough to be chic in that I-look-great-without-even-trying kind of way. (It also tends to be the cheapest of the above textures, so there's that.)
3. Sherpa: although LA doesn't really permit a whole lot of sherpa-friendly weather, it's still a closet staple for that one randomly freezing day in mid January (because there's always that one day).
4. Leather: always, year round, forever.
5. Fur: okay, mostly faux (who am I kidding, all faux) because ain't nobody got $$ for that.
6. Patent: mostly diggin' this texture for shoes, because everyone feels better with shiny, polished shoes.

Makin' my wallet do WORK this Fall.

Cheers to the extra hour of sleep I got today!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween I decided to dress up as an old-timey detective (think Dick Tracy). However, without a proper trench coat, magnifying glass, or any other Inspector Gadget- worthy accessories, my costume was a little less than convincing. People guessed everything from Carmen Sandiego to a member of the mafia to Rachel Zoe (any of which I'd gladly be). 

In all honesty, I just really wanted to wear the hat. 

It's such a great hat.

Cheers to November 1st!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Kids These Days

Images via Refinery29

Kids these days... they dress so much better than I do, and chances are they spend way less time, money, and effort thinking about the elements of their perfect little outfits.

Jennifer Williams' colorful illustrations of the coolest children in existence make me want to reevaluate my life. I mean, I try so hard and never look this good. Seriously not fair.

But enough whining. On the plus side I have 14 new style role models to look up to (well technically, to look down on...).

Cheers to surviving Monday!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mad for Plaid

Images via Glossy

Dress- ASOS, Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Hat- Forever21
Photo from my Instagram

Anyone that knows me well knows of my obsession with 90's. The grunge era specifically has a special place in my heart right alongside dark chocolate and coffee.

I wish I could time travel back to the early 90's as a 20 something adult, but seeing as that's not currently a possibility, I'll settle for the comeback of plaids, flannels, loafers, dark lipstick, and rich crushed velvets. 

I love the modern take on plaid from this editorial and have channeled its influence into my recent purchases, including this lovely dress from ASOS. It's perfect for the warm October we've been facing in LA and will look equally adorable when the weather cools and I can pair it with some knee highs and combat boots. Gahhhh I can't wait till winter!



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crushin' on ASOS for Fall

Photos via ASOS Trend Guide

Fall is undoubtedly my favorite time of year. It's partly because of the crisp new chill in the air, partly because of the array of pumpkin flavored treats, and partly because of the anticipation of a new school year, but (let's be honest) it's mostly because of the clothing. 

Layering with warm, fuzzy textures, incorporating plaids and intarsia prints, and topping everything with a pair of trusty, worn-in boots and a knit beanie-- does it get any better than that? 

A true fan of all things 90's, I loved the retro style in the looks from the ASOS trend guide for Fall. It's got that punk edge with a hint of classy British influence that's very Alexa Chung. It's definitely a vibe I'll be channelling for back to school!

Cheers to the best time of year!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On My Wish List

On My Wish List

It's that time of year again! Time to spend money on things I 'need' for my absolute favorite time of year, Fall!

Since moving in to my new apartment and learning what it's really like to have to pay for things like food and wifi, I will admit I've become a bit stingier with my cash. However, I knew myself well enough to set aside a generous amount of my (minimum) wages to splurge on my favorites for Fall. 

Above are a few of my favorite pieces that will be joining my closet soon (well, at least their cheap alternative counterparts). 

1. Updated Fall basics. A new flannel (perfect for my 90's obsession) and an oversized moto vest can instantly transform my summer favorites to Fall appropriate ensembles. 

2. Victorian-inspired lace. I'm loving a high neckline for Fall, especially with beautiful lace details.

3. Set/ tapestry print. Killing two birds with one stone! I've been looking for a good printed set for awhile now, and Fall/Winter is pretty much the only time you can get away with the heavy tapestry texture. Stoked. 

4. Pointed toe loafers. I've always been a fan of a good loafer, and considering my favorite blue velvet loafers just broke (may they rest in peace), I think this purchase is well-justified. 

5. Tailored bottoms. Because Fall in Los Angeles is notoriously HOT, I'm probably going to be wearing tailored denim shorts on the daily. As much as I love my cutoffs, I'm excited to see cleaner lines and a great fit taking over for Fall.

6. Gold jewelry. Specifically, I'm loving gold minimalist jewelry. Can't wait to get my hands on a chain ID bracelet and evil eye necklace. These are the kinds of pieces I can imagine wearing everyday as a go-to pair. 



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hey Flower Face

Confession: I have a huge girl-crush on artist Clare Elsaesser and her painting skills. 

I've always been a sucker for a messy brush stroke, especially when the subject is nature (Monet's water scenes-- I die), thus after stumbling upon these beautiful flower-faced females, I fell in love. 

There's a very romantic and dreamy quality about these paintings that draws me in. They have an air of mystery, perhaps related to the anonymity of faceless girls, that's both familiar yet distant at the same time. 

But alas, I'll leave the art-history-major-analysis for later and take in the pretty pictures instead.

Happy Wednesday, world!



Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jay Ahr, Resort 2014

Tra-la-la-la-la-la when I saw these photos I died.

Not really, obviously, but, you know, I was pretty close.

Can you tell I've had extra caffeine today??

Love, love, love, the minimalism here. I've been on a boho kick for quite some time, so the clean lines, monochromatic color scheme, and simple styling is very refreshing.

Any hoot, today is the Fourth of July! This post is about as patriotic as Confederate flag but whatever.