Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fall Textures

Fall Textures

I've been lovin' the monochromatic looks for Fall, especially a good head-to-toe black look with various textures.

As I get ready to pick out some new ASOS goodies soon, I'll be looking for deep reds, olives, grays, and, of course, blacks, in the following textures:

1. Suede: love me some good suede. Excuse me while I spend the rest of the day petting my shirt.
2. Quilting: probably my favorite of Fall's emerging texture trends. It's just subtle enough to be chic in that I-look-great-without-even-trying kind of way. (It also tends to be the cheapest of the above textures, so there's that.)
3. Sherpa: although LA doesn't really permit a whole lot of sherpa-friendly weather, it's still a closet staple for that one randomly freezing day in mid January (because there's always that one day).
4. Leather: always, year round, forever.
5. Fur: okay, mostly faux (who am I kidding, all faux) because ain't nobody got $$ for that.
6. Patent: mostly diggin' this texture for shoes, because everyone feels better with shiny, polished shoes.

Makin' my wallet do WORK this Fall.

Cheers to the extra hour of sleep I got today!


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