Saturday, October 22, 2011

Insta-Sam: Week of 10/16

1. {The brownie sundae; we have a love/hate relationship}

2. {Study, coffee, study, coffee}

3. {Geometric/ chevron inspired nails}

4. {Lovely fall weather}
 I'm not really cool enough to have an iPhone with the oh-so-popular "Instagram" application, so I downloaded the knockoff "retro camera" application for Androids. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the vintage vibe of the photos; there's something about the coloring that gives these photos so much more character. 
1. Like I mentioned in my Freshman 15 post, these brownie sundaes are going to be me responsible for my demise (but who would be able to resist this, really). 
2.Other than stuffing my face with sugar bombs, I've been  attempting to keep up with the ridiculous amounts of reading I've been assigned. I guess that just one of the many perks of being a humanities major. 
3. I've never been very good at nail art, but I was really excited that these turned out so well! I was inspired by Refinery 29's cool DIY nail designs, and I'll definitely be trying out some new looks soon.
4. Fall is finally here! Although the seasons don't change all that much in SoCal, there's still something cozy about the fall, when the sun sets a little bit earlier, and the temperature dips a few degrees. 

by Sam

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