Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Currently Craving

Jeffrey Campbell strikes again. 

Oh my goodness. If there is such a thing as a boot-gasm, I have one every time I look at these beauties. Literally-- I'm drooling. I keep refreshing the page, wondering, "does such a wonderful combination of leather and studs exist?" and "how many meals and coffees will I have to give up in the next year to be able to afford these?"
There isn't an outfit I can dream of that wouldn't look good with Free People's Dodge City Boot or Vedder Boot. With dresses, with jeans, with skirts, with knit socks, hell, I'd wear these and nothing else (maybe). 
I've been thinking about these boots more frequently than a hormonal fifteen year old thinks about the captain of the football team. And let's face it, that's like all the time. 
*le sigh*

images via and BLDG 25 Blog

by Sam

PS. (Can you add a PS in a blog?)
I'm also currently obsessed with FP's July catalog. Just sayin'.

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  1. Love those boots!

    xo Jennifer