Wednesday, December 5, 2012



So I've been taking notice of this new trend for awhile now, where everything seems to have some kind of triangle integrated into it. Photos, prints, illustrations, typography-- no medium can escape the simple white silhouette of an equilateral triangle. 

Maybe it's the OCD monster inside me that appreciates the symmetry, the clean lines, and the simplicity of perfect geometry, but whatever it is, I approve.

On the note of trends, I've also noticed the immense popularity of the plain white t-shirt with some kind of statement written in helvetica. Usually there's an overuse of ampersands and a lack of proper capitalization, and it seems to be more popular if the statement is written in French (regardless of the wearer's ability to pronounce/ understand the words).

For my next project I think I'm going to make my own shirt that reads, "this is my trendy helvetica t-shirt." Still working on how to throw in an ampersand. I do love ampersands (& t-shirts). 


Anyway, have a lovely Wednesday.


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