Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Blues (and Pale Pinks and Greens)

images via tumblr and fp blog

As the weather finally dips beneath 75 degrees here in LA, it's been a little easier to imagine wearing sweaters and sipping my favorite seasonal Starbucks drinks (which, if you were wondering, are peppermint mochas and creme brulee lattes). 

Rather surprisingly however I haven't been craving fair isle prints and chunky knits typical of the season; instead, I've been very inspired by frosty pinks and pale greens. I realize that these colors are much more reminiscent of late February than of early November, but I guess I'm just thinking ahead. 

There's a kind of magical quality in the above photos that reminds me why I love winter so much.



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  1. Love these photos!

    xo Jennifer