Sunday, November 6, 2011

Adventures in LA LA Land

{The Well Connected Fashion Festival, downtown LA, Nov.5}

Here are some shots from our awesome adventure to downtown LA! Like real troopers, we took the bus and then walked through the beautiful, towering buildings until we got to The Well Connected Fashion Festival on 8th and Hope Street. There were so many awesome designers and well-dressed people there-- it was like fashion heaven! Not to mention, everything was heavily discounted (as in I bought a dress that retails for $120 for a measly $5). It was quite an experience, and I can't wait to visit more of these special events!

{Love me some sequins}

{Fabulous shades, a must have}


{Definition of "effortless cool"}


{Dogtown Dogs}

{A Diddy Riese rival? Coolhaus}

{Sophia and I in front some cool graffiti art}

{Street Style}

{Beautiful finger candy from Laeken}

{Where was this when I needed a Halloween costume? Six Hundred LA}

{Cool Nail Swag by a local nail artist}

{SUCH COOL STYLE. If only I was ballsy/skinny enough to pull it off}

{80's throwback jacket. Megan rocks it}

{This guy was definitely creeped out when we asked to get his photo, but he was nice and smiled for us anyway!}

{Pretty florals}

{Why thank you, anonymous man, I did have a nice day}
by Sam

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