Sunday, November 6, 2011

Insta-Sam: Week of 10/30

1. {Starbucks, reminding us that the holidays are near}
2. {A peanut butter chocolate doughnut from Stan's}
3. {A pretty sunset on the hill}
4. {Same hill, after a rainy day}
5. {These chicks are cool, I guess}
6. {Adorable skillet filled with truffled mac n' cheese from The Farm of Beverly Hills}
7. {Brownie sundae from The Farm}
While from the looks of this post it may seem like all I do is eat and take pictures of sunsets, I promise that in between these various photo ops there are plenty of veggies being eaten and books being read. 

This weekend was especially laid back; we took advantage of the rainy weather on Friday by watching zombie movies and heading to bed early, and then heading to downtown LA on Saturday to check out the "The Well Connected Fashion Festival" (photos coming soon), visiting the Grammy Museum, and eating like Queens at The Farm of Beverly Hills.

Sunday is already shaping up to be quite lazy. I'm on call tonight for Urban Outfitters (feelin' them first-day-on-the-job jitters), so I'll try to get some reading done and head to the gym before then.

I feel like I'm finally starting to experience life as an LA resident, and I must say it's quite delightful. 

1. I've missed my Starbucks.
2. I blame my mother for introducing me to this place. (But don't worry, Mom, I split the doughnut).
3&4. Sunsets are pretty cool.
5. Megan and Sophia at The Farm.
6&7. Presentation really is everything.

by Sam

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