Thursday, August 9, 2012

The 60's are coming!

Edie & Andy, Twiggy (The original icons)

images via ThreadSence and tumblr

I've been loving all of the 60's mod inspiration that has been popping up as of late. There have been subtle hints of 60's chic around for a while now, with cool geometric prints, peter-pan collars, and graphic eyeliner, but it seems as if the cool graphic details and simplistic silhouettes that I love are making a comeback. No complaints here. Can't wait to go out and by a sleek sheath dress and style it with some boho hair and makeup for a modern update. 

The 60's have always been one of my favorite decades of American culture; they had the best music, the best art, the best fashion. The British Invasion contributed heavily to my infatuation with the times, so maybe I was born in the wrong decade and the wrong country. If I could go back to any era it would be a tie between the 60's and the 20's. Although in hindsight I realize that I would be facing either the Great Depression or the Viet Nam war, so that does complicate my fantasy a little bit. 

Long live Sgt. Pepper and his Lonely Hearts Club Band.



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